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Under the leadership of World Champion & Olympic medalist Kim Zmeskal-Burdette, Texas Dreams Gymnastics has established itself as the premiere training club for local aspiring gymnasts through the countries most talented elites.  Whether boys or girls, beginner or advanced, aspiring Olympians or just in it for the fun and fundamentals, our club has a place for your child.  


Whether it's the latest meet results, additions to our club, or just some thoughts from some of our contributors, this is the place to read content re: Texas Dreams Gymnastics.  

"Cheers" to Bailie

Kim Zmeskal-Burdette

14 months… 8 for 8 all-around golds for Bailie Key!


Not bad. (-:  Now what?  Applaud this stellar junior international elite career.  As of January 1st, Bailie will officially be eligible to compete in the senior ranks of this small company of amazing gymnasts.  Throughout the past couple weeks, it has been challenging to settle on our decision.  But in the end, with the 100% undeviating advice and support of those we trust and respect the most, together with Bailie, we decided it best that she forego this year’s Championships.  Letting her safety along with "big picture" goals guide us, it became an obvious decision, although not an easy one.  


After another successful camp in July, Bailie was preparing well once again. However at first complaint, Bailie had her elbow examined by the best and reevaluated by our most-trusted.  Luckily, without structural damage, a quick surgery with a short recovery was the best option.  In one way, it can be looked at as poor timing.  But I wouldn’t trade any of the opportunities Bailie has stepped up to for this one.  Each has allowed her to overcome different challenges and showcase new strengths, seven of which were on an international stage.   So, instead of fretting over this missed Championships, we choose to quickly turn the page, redirect to the next goals, and allow her to take a much-deserved breath before starting this next chapter of her career.  


Our hope right now is that those with voices in the gymnastics community will choose to “cheers” Bailie with us and realize that it is never easy to stand back and watch a competition of which you have worked to shine.  We are so proud of Bailie and her ownership of her path!  While, selfishly, we are not thrilled to travel to Pittsburgh without her, we are confident with this decision being best for the future dreams she’s working to make her reality.